Black Women Francophone Entrepreneurs In Action

The Afro-Canadian Entrepreneurs Association (ACANEA) is dedicated to helping Black women Francophone Entrepreneurs build valuable, lasting relationships that will strengthen her business now and in the longtime.

About the Black Women Francophone Entrepreneurs Program

The Black Women Francophone Entrepreneurs program supports Black women Francophone entrepreneurs in Alberta to start and thriving businesses through education, training, mentorship and resources.

How do we do it?

Black women Francophone entrepreneurs in action stands with Black women Francophone  identifying Black women entrepreneurs to help support their growth and goals. This program is designed for early stage Black women entrepreneurs, giving them the building blocks they will need to start and grow the business of their dreams, with guidance from Black women leaders to coach them through their journey. Black women Francophone entrepreneurs in action is annual program, providing long lasting support to Black women Francophone identifying entrepreneurs in Alberta all year long.

Black Women Entrepreneurship Masterclass
Networking events and business showcases

We are an ecosystem and welcoming collective of Black Women Francophone Entrepreneurs.

Black Women Francophone Entrepreneurs Program (BWFEP) exists to inspire, inform, equip and connect Black women, to start new businesses, grow existing businesses, advance professionally and become key players in the Canadian economy.

Our impact
Influencing the Black women Francophone to bring her Businesses to the next level, and forward.